A look at mccarthyism and its effects on america

Strangely, however, he sent official reports back to the State Department urging that we torpedo our ally Chiang Kai-shek and stating, in effect, that communism was the best hope of China.

Instead, they were targeted simply for having the philosophical and political views they did. Her view is that we may avoid a modern-day replay only by facing the facts necessary to understanding how the repression actually worked. He had a loyal sidekick in his chief counsel, Roy Cohn.

In the light of history, however, this is not hard to explain. Some, like Friedan and poet Eve Merriam, continued to hide their political background; others, like historians Gerda Lerner and Eleanor Flexner, maintained, in their writing, a high degree of continuity.

These men, who became known as the " Hollywood Ten ", cited the First Amendment 's guarantee of free speech and free assembly, which they believed legally protected them from being required to answer the Committee's questions.

McCarthyism and American Philosophy

The Secretary of State in attempting to justify his continued devotion to the man who sold out the Christian world to the atheistic world, referred to Christ's Sermon on the Mount as a justification and reason therefore, and the reaction of the American people to this would have made the heart of Abraham Lincoln happy.

Others such as Robert Taft and Richard Nixon, saw him as an asset. Instead, to the despair of intellectuals, middle- class Americans became social conformists.

53a. McCarthyism

On February 20,McCarthy addressed the Senate and made a list of dubious claims against suspected communists. Of course, it would be foolish to claim that such Marxist writings of the Cold War years provide all the answers then or for now.

Recently a number of scholars have asked whether there was a connection between the political climate of the McCarthy era and the rise to prominence of positivism in American philosophy departments.

If American philosophy did take a decisive turn as a result of political pressure during the McCarthy era then several further points deserve to be made. Thus Horowitz, once he disclosed the thesis of his book, was ostracized by Friedan and a number of her friends; he was also denied access to sections of her correspondence that might cast more light on the subject.

Half of Europe was under Joseph Stalin's influence, and every time Americans read their newspapers there seemed to be a new atomic threat. The legal requirements for Fifth Amendment protection were such that a person could not testify about his own association with the Communist Party and then refuse to "name names" of colleagues with Communist affiliations.

Uncooperative artists were blacklisted from jobs in the entertainment industry. She studied with Left professors and her essays showed a Marxist approach, as well as a concern with the oppression of women. While Stone may well have harbored anti-female attitudes, he also regarded Friedan as ultra-radical at a time when the Federated Press was under increasing attack from the Right.

Fears that children would be corrupted by the "communist" practices depicted in Robin Hood led many schools and libraries to ban the classic tale about taking from the rich to give to the poor. The statistics are imprecise. Those who refused to address the committee were cited for contempt.

McCarthyism further contributed to the attenuation of the reform impulse by helping to divert the attention of the labor movement, the strongest institution within the old New Deal coalition, from external organizing to internal politicking.

A few days later, he repeated the charges at a speech in Salt Lake City. Indeed, revolutionary Marxists held that it was the exploitation, racism, warmongering and imperialism of the U.

A look at mccarthyism and its effects on america

Edgar Hoover commented in a speech, "Communist members, body and soul, are the property of the Party. It has not been the less fortunate or members of minority groups who have been selling this Nation out, but rather those who have had all the benefits that the wealthiest nation on earth has had to offer--the finest homes, the finest college education, and the finest jobs in Government we can give.


Above all, several messages became crystal clear to the average American: The range of concerns of American philosophy contracted quite severely as positivism became dominant in American philosophy departments.

Censure of Senator Joseph McCarthy When members of Congress want to let another member know that they disagree with his or her behavior, they can vote to censure that member.

From this perspective, the overriding issue for Left scholars today should not be whether liberalism was corrupted by Communist espionage. When Alger Hissa high-ranking State Department official was convicted on espionage charges, fear of communists intensified.

At least one witness committed suicide and many others lost their jobs or were blacklisted. Due to numerous hearings, delays and appeals, the act was never enforced, even with regard to the Communist Party of the United States itself, and the major provisions of the act were found to be unconstitutional in and.

My paper takes a look into the depths of McCarthyism and examines the causes and effects, the various acts and laws formed in response to Communist threats, and who was affected and how. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were accused of murdering a paymaster of a shoe factory and a security guard on April 15, Effects of McCarthyism and the Red Scare on American Society.

The Costs of McCarthyism

My paper takes a look into the depths of McCarthyism and examines the causes and effects, the various acts and laws formed in response to Communist threats, and who was affected and how. Effects of McCarthyism on American Society Senator Joseph McCarthy On February.

The red scare and McCarthyism changed the face of politics in America. After the Cold War When the Cold War ended in the late s, many Americans did.

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Changing public sentiments heavily contributed to the decline of McCarthyism. Its decline may also be charted through a series of court decisions.

The novel recounts the devastating effects on all concerned. McCarthyism in America. Little, Brown. Mccarthyism and Its Effects on America; Mccarthyism and Its Effects on America Essay. Words Oct 15th, 7 Pages. Show More.

McCarthyism not only destroyed the lives and careers of many Americans but also the innocent image of the country. Senator Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin was the same as any man. But when he cried Communism the world.

A look at mccarthyism and its effects on america
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